Visual Storytelling at Home

While COVID-19 has affected me like everyone else, I’ve taken to working on some post-production work and projects that allow me to create remotely. I’ve taken to making videos with my young kid to help show him the process and to keep my visual storytelling chops. Some of his screen time is spent on YouTube, so I thought it would be good for him to see things from the other side of the screen. (Probably partly due to my past role as a Public Access educator, no doubt.)

The other day, this video came across my Facebook feed:

It’s a cute video about a cat who “runs” a rescue farmyard. As a tool for outreach it works really well, as it gets the organization‘s message out in a subtle way that is perfect for social media. It’s also a great demonstration of using basic resources to create solid visual storytelling.

While some of the footage was likely shot with a professional camera, it could be easily replicated with careful use of a modern smartphone camera. The audio track was recorded on a smart phone and sent over to the producer. The graphics are fairly simple and all in all the production parts of this video could be completed in a few hours.

The videomaker did a great job of finding and shooting the images that match the key points of the narrative, in other words, Visual Storytelling. Perhaps this example is a little too point-to-point, but it does keep the pace up and keeps the video moving, engaging, and convincing.

Give it a brief watch, or study it frame-by-frame. This is a great example of good content on a low-budget and can be easily translated to filming your own cats, kids, or scaling up to presenting to what you are doing that may be of interest during COVID-19.

Of course, if you need some help editing or polishing a video like this, please drop me a message. My own cats may thank you.

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