Small Sums Gala – Pandemic Edition

I’ve been producing videos for Small Sums for several years now and I am always proud of the work we do together. Usually the gala event one of the highlights of this partnership. Unfortunately, like many non-profit organizations, Small Sums decided to change this into a remote event.

For this, we produced a short video that covered the key moments of the live event, but in a condensed package that would work well for online viewers. This is an interesting hybrid of live presentation and the sort of video that would normally be screened for the live audience. My team shot the video, created the animation, created the captions, edited and delivered the final video.

Anyway, enough video nerding, please check out the video and donate to Small Sums, if you can. The work they do has always been important but it’s acutely relevent in the months to come.

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