Back in July, I posted about work I was doing with Twin Cities Geek to assist them with getting their live streaming online panels out into the world. So, that project has been a total success. In my previous post, I talked about how a well-produced panel would also have longer “legs” than a simple Zoom “Brady Bunch” conversation with several poorly-lit talking heads. We added in television style graphics, images, and even roll-in videos to make it more like a proper broadcast program.

TCG Live Streaming Panel title card

The “Revisiting Miyazaki Fan Panel” that streamed live on June 14, 2020 is proof of this. Since going live, it is has gone on to reach 2,421 people and cultivated 672 positive engagements, with one frowny face. These are very strong numbers for a Facebook page that now has 8,300 followers. At the time of this live streaming event, the page had 7,600 followers. While I can’t claim the video boosted 700 followers, it contributed quite a few to that increase, no doubt. All of this with a very low budget, consumer internet speeds, and a little over two weeks of actual prep time!

While vaccines are rolling out now, even informed but optimistic estimates keep us all in a COVID-19 caution zone well into 2021. That’s one reason to think about ways you boost the production value and give it “legs”. Another good reason is that this pandemic will leave a lasting effect on our media culture, and this sort of virtual event will be here to stay, in one form or another as long as the technology is current.

So, yes, you can create affordable and engaging content that is COVID-19 safe and will increase the reach of your online efforts. Drop me a line and we can talk about ways you can do this with your events, live streaming panels, or performances.

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