Give to the Max Day was yesterday in Minnesota, and many organizations I’ve collaborated with in the past were active in this vast fundraising event. On one hand I can count organizations I’ve worked with in the past who have raised over $25,000 in one day of individual generosity. For these organizations and groups a few thousand dollars that are raised without a large development spend is an amazing boon. Especially as we all try to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Give to the Max is a great day, for sure.

I want to take this opportunity to mention another project for which a little help goes a long way. For a few years now I have been working with Rondo Center of Diverse Expression on documenting the Rondo Plaza Project. I have found this work to be very personally fulfilling; to be so actively involved in a project at the nexus of America and Minnesota’s reckoning with matters of racial and economic justice has been a joy indeed.

An important aspect of fundraising for this commemorative plaza is the “Buy a Brick” campaign. For $120 you can buy an engraved brick that is placed in Rondo Commemorative Plaza. You can buy one with your name, or you can buy one that is a memorial to the vibrant African-American community that was devastated in the creation of I-94.

“Buy a Brick” on YouTube

If you want to go right away and buy a brick, you can head on over here. They are $120, are 8×3″ each, and you can purchase an unlimited quantity.

Give to the Max Day Buy a Brick!
Rondo Commemorative Plaza

I hope you had a great Give to the Max Day! Watch this space for more updates from recent projects or works-in-progress! As always, if you have an exciting non-profit, community, or neighborhood project that you are you looking to tell the world about, please contact me!


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