video production camera on tripod
Camera on location in Stevens Point, WI.

Shortly before the Olympics, I set another personal record for TWVS, so I thought it would be fun to compile a listicle of the top 3 records I’ve set so far during TWVS or TWVS-adjacent video productions. Of course, this is not a formal competition. This is mostly to recognize the scope and scale of some of our video production projects.

Video Production: Most Distance Between Shoots in One Day

This is a pretty recent record. On a single cold day in Mid-January, I had three separate shoots that were 240 miles apart. One was a brief property photo shoot and the other two were marketing documentaries filmed on location in Wisconsin. All shoots went very well, and I had a nice drive through scenic Wisconsin to boot. Happily, I slept safe and sound at a fine hotel in Stevens Point.

Video b-roll capture on location in Stevens Point, WI.

Video Production: Most Shoots in a Single Day

This was a tough one to pin down. In the heyday of Patch and City Pages, two local news sites I did some shooting for, I would cover a few events in a day. But, looking back and forth across time I have to say the crazy, hazy days of shooting FenderBender Live with 10 Missions Media has to take the prize. For that one, we shot and edited up to fifteen videos in a single day amidst the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to the industry luminaries, we also crossed paths with folks like Johnny Depp, Jay Leno, and Neil Young. 10MM has since taken up a VLOG model, so they didn’t need full scale video production. Still these were good times, good times, and insanely busy work.

Video Production: Most Livestreams in an Event

This one is a little more recent. CONvergence decided fairly late in the game to create a hybrid event. This meant there would be an in-person event as well as streaming virtual content. To help accomplish this, TWVS partnered with the CVG-TV crew to create three different live content streams that would be up for most of the four-day event. Throughout the scope of the project we live streamed spoken word, live music, craft how-to, interactive zoom panels as well as hours of our pre-produced content. This went to our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels simultaneously.

Overall, our streams were up for something around 44 hours during the weekend. We didn’t get a lot of sleep, but it was quite an accomplishment. I look forward to doing more of this future, but in more reasonable amount and hopefully with more volunteers! LOL.

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