Super Freaks Indiegogo is live!

Most people that have I have collaborated with know that my. first inclination is toward the disruptive and anything that subverts status-quo in an ultimately constructive way. Like many of my colleagues, my first love in video production is independent film, so it is always exciting when a project moves into realization. Getting a truly independent film off the ground is an epic task and is always a team effort.

I am excited to announce that Super Freaks has began an Indiegogo campaign to support the production of this deeply grassroots and scrappy production. I can’t claim any kind of “autuer” credit on this one, as I’ve played many different roles over the course of the project. At times I was a script consultant, many times I had a producer hat on, but my overall credit is Co-Director in the Coen Brothers sense of the role. I am very proud of the work we have done as a team, and I appreciate Tim Hanson’s tenacity and drive to see his vision accomplished. I know cult cinema and I know genre cinema and I am confident Super Freaks has a place among the films that has inspired it.

The Super Freaks Indiegogo campaign has a lot of great perks for supporters, but I think the best perk is being part of such an innovative and singular film. While it does have the DNA of cult cinema, action, and weirdo superhero movies; it’s message is ultimately one of empowerment and representation. Fans of outsider of cinema will know this is not a new ingredient for an independent film, lol, but more casual readers should know we are honoring many aspects of the indie film tradition.

So, please check it out and give a little or a lot! Or give a little now, see how far we make those dollars go and give more later. Either way, it’s a great way to GET YOUR FREAK ON!

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