TWVS was formed in the late 2000’s to meet the growing demand for non-profits, small business, and creative entrepreneurs to produce video content for regional television and digital formats. Since then, we have developed alongside of the changes in technology to consistently deliver award-winning visual storytelling for our diverse clients.

Our experience allows us to bring a nimble, flexible, and collaborative approach to every project we undertake. We believe in delivering value and results that far exceed the initial investment, because we are passionate about every project we sign on to.

For our small business video clients, we draw on the experience that comes from having delivered over 500 online profile videos for national platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Zilllow. We can deliver effective brand stories regardless of market niche, budget, or past experience. We are acclaimed for our ability to craft top-notch videos with people who have little video production experience.

a digital cinema camera films an interview subject
Behind the Scenes for “As Promised”

Since 2017, we’ve worked with Rondo Avenue, Inc. to tell the dual stories of Rondo Plaza and ReConnect Rondo in St. Paul, Minnesota. We collaborated with community leaders, elected politicians, and project stakeholders to determine the most authentic and powerful way to communicate these important and uniquely American narratives.

We’ve collaborated with La Oportunidad since 2016, a Minnesota organization whose goal is to champion the development of Latino individuals and families, to produce a Spanish-language public affairs program “En Familia” that was delivered via live-streaming to Facebook as well as regional access television. This groundbreaking effort leveraged the power of live social media video content to reach an audience that exceed the reach of legacy media such as television.

a collection of livestreaming video technology behind the scenes at a mid-sized event
Behind the Scenes for “ReConnect Rondo”

In 2016, we produced a series of videos for Paula Overby’s independent bid for Minnesota Congress. Working with her campaign as the first-ever transgender candidate for MN state office, we produced videos that positioned her as an effective candidate in a traditionally-conservative district and paved the way for the democratic successes in the 2018 mid-term elections. By collaborating with Paula, and understanding her brand, we created a powerful video message that broke the rules of traditional market demographics.

Fundamentally, we know we aren’t in the business of making a product. We engage creatively with passionate leaders who have a singular message to bring to their audiences. Because of this, we listen to you, and ask the questions we need to understand your story and your message. Working with you, we determine the best way to present your content in a visual way, and share the technical matters with you as much as you want.

Our rates reflect over a decade in the world of boutique video production in Minnesota, a catalog of over 500 successful national online videos, and content that has been celebrated by publications such as Adweek and The Washington Post. Particular feathers in our cap include the “Jeff Wagner for Mayor” campaign, the “Green Alert” Kickstarter, as well as groundbreaking work for Convergence Events, Inc. and Metro Transit.

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