Closing Night is a service offered by TWVS to produce live event streaming for your meeting, performance, or concert in Minnesota. We can provide single-camera or multi-camera professional video with multiple audio options for live event streaming of your Minnesota event, to be delivered to your Facebook, YouTube, or website so your online community can watch and interact with your event as it is happening.

Included in Closing Night

  • Initial consultation to identify the best options for covering your event with live video
  • Pre-production meetings with your event staff and principal stakeholders
  • Live event production coverage from start to finish
  • Livestream of your event on your preferred social media channels
  • A final edited video program suitable for posting online, on streaming services, or publishing on physical media (DVD)

TWVS Closing Night offers the style and polish of broadcast television with the convenient access of live social media audience reach. We are your go-to for MN live event streaming services.

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