Long before COVID-19, TWVS has produced live streamed performances, public meetings, and church services. Our portfolio of productions has expanded due to virtual event streaming during the current health crisis, and helping you create engaging and well-produced motion content is always the focus.

We offer a very fluid and professional approach to streaming a virtual conversation or panel, including:

  • Television-style graphics
  • Roll-ins
  • Call-ins
  • A live board operator
  • Coaching for looking and sounding your best during the event

This gives your program much more production value than a basic split-screen Zoom or WebEx call. At their core, these systems are great for teleconferencing, but they completely under perform as entertainment without additional production resources.

Case Studies

Here are some virtual event streaming shows we have produced recently for Twin Cities-based nonprofit organizations.

Boom!Boom! Out Goes Childhood Cancer

With the “Boom!Boom! Out Goes Childhood Cancer X” event, we created the simulation of an event fundraiser, complete with musical acts and highlight videos. This style of production could easily be ported to local theater, musical, or visual arts fundraising events and still obey the needed COVID-19 safety protocol for all involved. This event uses the same tools as other kinds of streaming events, but in an expansive and creative way.

still of vince "boom boom murray" during the virtual event stream

Small Sums Gala

Some people don’t need to do an interactive streaming event. Sometimes a packaged video, such as our Small Sums Gala video, can be optimized by launching it as a premiere or a viewing party on various social media. It’s a good way to get the production completed before the event happens so you can spend your resources during its premiere and promotion communicating with your stakeholders or supporters.

small sums executive director still from virtual event streaming

Virtual Event Streaming Options

We have many virtual event video tools to choose from. One our most extensive packages includes:

  • Digital cinema cameras, with the option of recording a live switched edit to broadcast-quality ProRes or separate ProRes “Iso” files.
  • For streaming we can also build in pretty much any style graphic you would see in a live television program and are capable of importing graphics as well.
  • We can add roll-in content such as short videos, presentations, promotional PSAs and commercials.
  • We can input multiple sources of audio, such as wireless mics or a direct feed from the event sound mix.
  • We can interface with Zoom or Webex in any number of points in our signal path.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to configure and create your streaming event that go far beyond talking into your phone or webcam for hours on end. Please reach out about what your are imagining for your streaming event, and we can work with you to figure out the most dynamic and efficient way to make that happen.

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